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We provide a smooth experience while you deploy your application on the cloud with our platform. Deploying your application was never so easy. Just a few clicks and your application is now ready to deliver

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Usage Based Billing

We won’t charge for the unused resources. We only charge on realtime usage per hour

Auto Scaling

Auto Scale up and Scale down your application as per your need to efficiently use the resource.

Free Trial

Use 14 days free trial to test your application. No credit card is required!

Easy Provisioning

Provision your technology stack with few clicks and make your app running in minutes

Backup Ready

We maintain backups for a week so whenever you mess smething we ill restore it.


We provide Chat support, Call Support, ticket spport to make sure you exariance best of our service

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Frequently Asked Questions

Still, have questions? Learn more about our services and experience through the questions of people like you.

Yes, we offer a free 14-day trial to allow you to experience our innovative Apiqcloud PaaS.

Limitations –
  • Public IPv4 cannot be assigned in trial
  • Docker cannot be used in Trial
  • .NET cannot be used in trial
  • Maximum 3 environments can be created
  • Per node maximum 8 cloudlets or 1GB RAM
  • Maximum 2 nodes per layer.

Apiqcloud groups your application containers into environments. This is just a collection of containers (servers) all devoted to serving the same application(s) or website(s); Apiqcloud automatically configures links between these servers on your behalf (for example, if you have a load balancer, it’s automatically configured to send traffic to the web servers within the same environment).

Each server within your Apiqcloud environment is dedicated 100% to you – you don’t share with any other customer – meaning that you always enjoy maximum performance, flexibility, and security.

Yes, We do provide migrations in some cases if a user is unable to do it on their own.

Apiqcloud is intended for large single domain hosting inside each environment, however, it is possible to host multiple domains by creating multiple separate environments, or inside a single environment by configuring virtual hosts in your web server configuration. Our friendly support team can help you to set this up.

If you are planning to host a large number of small domains on a single environment we recommend our Cloud VPS range as a more appropriate solution, which is designed to efficiently support multiple domains on one server.

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I’m happy with my decision to switch my server from Google Cloud to ApiqCloud it helped writco save costs up to 70% when we switched and the support we got from ApiqCloud Team is simple awesome.

Vicky SalunkheFounder & CTO , Writco

We had a requirement of lot’s of processing of data and while still being able to deliver best in class customer experience to our users, and we got to know about ApiqCloud, and this is the best decision we took to choose as we have been able scale quickly without thinking much about cost and scale.

GaneshCEO, Tradzoo
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